Baton Rouge Roofing uses hunting to find roofing companies…

A well-installed roof should last for 20 years, although is it easy to take its service for granted. If you are currently in the market for roofing in your home or place of business, here are some tips from a Baton Rouge Roofing owner for selecting and working with a contractor that will provide the best results.

First, this probably isn’t the best time to go bargain hunting. While you might find prices to vary dramatically, keep in mind that higher prices mean that a contractor has built enough cushion into their price that they can still work with you, profitably, down the road if there are problems. If you negotiate them down so low that the roofer is barely covering their costs, they will have no incentive to help you later on.

It’s not unusual for the best roofers to routinely turn down work. To find these sought-after professionals, ask around amongst your network to identify quality, trusted contractor. Even if you find a contractor through a referral, it’s still probably a good idea to be cautious.

The referrer could be a friend or relative of the contractor, or business staff or practices could have changed in the time since their project. Take the time to interview several roofing contractors, get multiple quotes and to check additional references. You can also check them out with the local Better Business Bureau.  Just look up Baton Rouge Roofing Companies in your area!

Before you start interviewing, find out what rules your state has for licensing, bonding and registration of contractors. Then you will be able to request related documentation from potential service providers. At the same time, ask to see proof of insurance that will protect you from worker injuries, should they occur on your property. Ask the contractor to explain the safety guidelines and quality control procedures that the workers are trained to follow.

Find out how many workers they expect have installed your roof. Inquire about their experience, particularly of the person who will be supervising. The more professional and organized the roofing crew is, the faster the installation will be completed.

Ensure that they are willing to consult with and explain to you, in layman’s terms, the best construction method and materials for your new roof. Get the final specifications in writing – request a detailed proposal that includes timelines and details regarding roofing materials to be used and work to be done. Finally, ask what services and warranties the roofer offers should problems occur.  Please visit: